What is Amplifi?

At Amplifi, our aim is to build products and services atop the World Mobile network to help connect communities and amplify voices, all while contributing to decentralisation. To achieve this we hope to form a community of Amplifi supporters, who will contribute to our mission.

Our first offering towards this objective is our EarthNode. Like with all World Mobile EarthNode operators, WMT holders will be invited to delegate to our node to help secure the network.

However, to accelerate the expansion of the World Mobile network, the rewards generated from staking to the Amplifi EarthNode will be used to invest into Community AirNodes. Returns earned from these Community AirNodes will be paid to delegators proportionate to their share of forfeited returns from the Amplifi EarthNode.

How it works

TLDR of Key Amplifi Concepts

Amplifi EarthNode: This is the name of our World Mobile EarthNode. With the help of delegators, we will secure the World Mobile network and help to expand its infrastructure by investing Amplifi EarthNode rewards into Community AirNodes.

Amplifi Staking App: This is the primary app to stake, unstake, view transaction history as well as track and claim rewards. You can visit the Amplifi Staking App here

Community AirNodes: Rewards generated from staking WMT to Amplifi will be used to invest into Community AirNodes. Once these Community AirNodes are in operation and earning fees, these will be redistributed to Amplifi stakers proportional to their share of forfeited returns.

AMP AirNode: The Amplifi Team have already purchased the first Titan AirNode. We have named this the Amplifi Mission Pioneers AirNode or AMP AirNode for short.

AMP NFT: Early stakers who stake for a minimum of 3 months, with a cumulative staking total of 30,000 WMT are eligible to receive an Amplifi Mission Pioneers NFT or AMP NFT for short. Holders of the AMP NFT will be eligible to receive rewards from the AMP AirNode as soon as its in operation.

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